Actions of some impacts us all

Green Garden

On a walk through the woods or a drive in the countryside, we’re taken aback when we see piles of garbage – a blatant disregard for our environment and others’ property. Shocked. Angered. Incredulous that anyone would deface nature in this way. These actions have an impact on more than our visual senses. They impact our wallets as well.

Quick scenario: A resident discovers piles of garbage that have been dumped in City greenspace and contact the City wanting staff to deal with it immediately. If the reports are submitted by email or posted on social media, there is typically some back and forth to define the site location. Crews go out, locate, assess, clean the area, dispose of the garbage and hopefully determine those responsible. This process has quickly changed from what would be a $3.00 bag of garbage if placed at the curb with a tag – to a $50.00 bag which we all end up paying for. Seems wrong on every level doesn’t it?

What can we do about it? First, don’t be ‘that person’, the one illegally disposing of garbage. Secondly, report it if you know it’s being done. This is illegal. Thirdly, use all the resources available to you to dispose of your garbage through the appropriate channels. Yes, there is a $3.00 per bag charge to place our waste at the curb and have it picked up and taken away to be responsibly disposed of. There are also great services which support this process and enable us to decrease the amount of garbage we need to pay to have taken away.

We have a user-pay bulky item program that operates year round. Ward One residents can purchase a bulky item tag at City Hall and your item will be picked up at the curb. Ward Two (Thurlow) residents can take your item to the Thurlow Landfill. Fees for these bulky items can be found at:

There is no charge to have your recycling collected and if you visit you’ll find detailed information on sorting your recycling, hazardous waste disposal and tips to help you maximize this resource.

Then there’s the green bin program which has been embraced by the community and serves to help us take responsible action in disposing of organic waste. Those using a combination of all of these services are excited that their bag tag costs are minimal. Proving this system not only helps us respect our environment- but is also cost effective.

“The green bin program was introduced as a sustainable way to divert organic waste from landfills. Things like food scraps and soiled paper account for up to 40% of all the things we throw out. Having a program dedicated to managing that waste responsibly is vital to being a green community.” Taylor Dall Green Coordinator/Public Education Officer City of Belleville