Cannabis retail companies announced

Cannabis plant

The 25 winners have been announced regarding the lottery for cannabis retail in Ontario, including five in the East Region.

The East Region winners are Daniel Telio, Brandon Long, Patterson and Lavoie, Pure Alpha Holdings and Karan Someshwar.

Those selected have five business days to turn in their applications along with a $6,000 non-refundable fee and a $50,000 letter of credit.

Recreational cannabis can currently only be purchased legally in Ontario through a government-run website, with the first private stores set to open April 1.

The licences are being divided regionally, with five going to the east of the province, seven in the west, two in the north, six in the Greater Toronto Area and five in Toronto itself.

The following is a list of lottery/license winners:

East Region:

Daniel Telio
Brandon long
Patterson and Lavoie
Karan Someshwar

GTA Region:

Guruveer Singh Sangha
David Nguyen
Tripsetter Inc.
Alexander Altman
Gary Hatt

North Region:

Anton Lucic
Saturninus Partners

Toronto Region:

Heather Conlon
Colin Campbell
Dana Michele Kendal
Hunny Gawri

West Region:

Steven Fry
Lisa A Bigioni
Ranjit basra
2674253 Ontario Inc.
Santino J Coppolino
Christopher Comrie
The Niagara Herbalist